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Since graduation in ‘92 I have pursued the business of creating images, initially by setting up my own studio on Greek St, in Soho, in ’94, as a vehicle for developing my working practice, and more recently by moving to a larger space in Bristol.


During my twelve years working as a commercial artist I was commissioned by Mucia Prada, Yohji Yamamoto, Apple, Sony and Nike, amongst many other clients. I also drew the British Airways and Fifa logos in those first twelve years.


For the last eight years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to support my studio solely through my work as a fine artist and contemporary print maker, participating in gallery shows and art fairs, throughout the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia. The work has become steadily more collectible, and I now enjoy a reputation as a noted contemporary print maker, with representation at both The Beaux Arts Gallery and The Catto Gallery in the UK, alongside the Mark Jason Gallery at international fairs, with further group shows, such as MTV ReDEFINE, and Spectra 1, at other galleries both in the UK and abroad.


Through my work I have been able to explore some of the latest production techniques available to the contemporary artist, and by constant reinvestment in the studio, I am now in a position to create larger and more ambitious pieces.


My practise is expanding from the clean geometry of the ‘Kinetic’ series to encompass a more fluid dynamic. Exploring colour, line and volume relationships, with themes including ‘poured forms’, ‘captive light’ and ‘fluid geometry’. My work endeavours to capture and retransmit the vigour and vibrancy of refracted and reflected light and kinetic motion. I currently employ the medium of laser exposed metallic Lambda prints for the majority of my work (effectively digital Cibachromes), but am also keen to diversify into other media. My practice is endeavouring to push back the boundaries of traditional printmaking, with direct digitised drawing, and a fluid use of dynamic colour spaces and captured light.


The latest body of liquid geometry studies explores new ways of drawing and digitally sculpting form, using 3d computer modelling techniques. Forms which have been almost impossible to explore or visualise previously. Complex soft geometries are created, using both maths and intuition as a generator for these new sculptural drawings.


Following on in a long line of artists' work, I'm endeavouring to progress the study of abstract and geometric art, hopefully in some intriguing new directions. I see the work less as a set of completed drawings, and more as an ongoing exploration into form, colour and to some extent lyrical and rhythmic motion.


Dynamic light / fluid colour / captured luminance / brilliant incandescence / kinetic forms / live geometry




Chuck Elliott's practice is concerned with a fluid investigation of colour, movement and light. Entirely computer generated, free form shapes are cropped, recoloured and enhanced as if editing in a camera view. Hovering between print making and photography, these pure colour fields retain a clarity that belies the source. The images are produced as Lambda photographic prints.